FROMP was formed in 2006 with the following objective.

To create and manage a varied wildlife habitat in the two-acre site bordered by Bennett Drive, Ward Grove, the River Avon and the Council Sports Field, so that it can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors in this and future generations.

FROMP was formed to save the area known as the Land at Myton Pool from becoming overgrown.  The central feature of the site is a stream fed Pool and its surrounding habitat.  The biggest challenges that faced FROMP was the removal of the 645 cubic meters of contaminated silt and undertaking repairs of the three Victorian stone bridges and rebuilding weir. This took place in the Autumn of 2010.  FROMP is continuing in 2011 with Aquatic Planting to improve the habitat for the wildlife that visit the Pool.

Work done, prior to the major improvements, included the restoration of footpaths, repairing access gates, installing three benches, rebuilding the viewing platform over the Avon, commissioning an environmental report and planting primroses, bluebells, cyclamen, snowdrops and cowslips.

In the Spring/Early Summer of 2011 FROMP created a wildflower meadow and constructed a wheelchair friendly path which leads through the meadow to the west end of the Pool and then on down to the Viewing Platform.

All this has been achieved by holding regular members’ working parties and where necessary employing specialist contractors.  Financial support has come various sources including fund raising events and grants from the Big Lottery Fund’s BBC Breathing Spaces, Community Spaces and Awards for All; Warwick Town Council, Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council, Heart of England Grass Roots Fund and King Henry VIII Endowed Trust.

To further FROMP’s objectives Friends of Myton Pool Trust Limited (Company Number 6946026) was registered at Companies House on the 27th June 2009, as a not for profit company limited by guarantee and in January 2010, Friends of Myton Pool Trust Limited was granted charity status.

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Friends of Myton Pool Trust Limited is a Registered Company Number 6946026 and Registered Charity No 1133492

The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust